From a beloved doctor to an appreciated and popular aesthetic therapist

Dr. Ella Lokitz

Dr. Lokitz has begun her professional career in medicine at the age of 20 when she began studying medicine at the University of Kyiv in 1986. 

After graduating in 1992, Dr. Lokitz immigrated to Israel and devoted her first years in Israel to her children.

After this period, Dr. Lokitz continued her medical studies in Israel and began an internship in Internal Medicine Department 6 at Wolfson Hospital in the year 2000. After completing her internship in 2006, Dr. Lokitz began working as a senior physician and internal medicine specialist at Wolfson Hospital where she began her career.

Since 2007, Dr. Lokitz has been working at Clalit Health services, as a dedicated family physician.

As part of her passion for medicine and the desire to know more aspects of the human body, Dr. Lokitz chose to undergo professional training in aesthetic therapies at the well known Madison company.

 Dr. Lokitz's professionality in Aesthetic procedures kept developing as she did many training and courses in familiar and professional companies like "Promedix", "Stella Medical", in addition to prestigious courses in Paris, Monaco, Moscow, Milan, and other cities.

To discover innovative methods for advanced facial treatments, Dr. Lokitz studied in Georgia under Prof. Suleimadze – inventor of the facelift method, using the "APTOS" wires method- one of the most popular methods of performing facelifts without surgery. 

Thanks to her wide knowledge in medicine and her studying in Aesthetics medicine, Dr. Lokitz was awarded to deliver workshops to young physicians in 2018 and thus pass on her knowledge of aesthetics to a new generation of doctors and therapists.

EL MEDICAL AESTHETICS - Advanced aesthetic treatments by a specialist

It has been 12 years since she began her professional training in aesthetics.

During this time Dr. Lokitz became a sought-after expert in aesthetic treatments, and it is no secret why; every patient under Dr. Lokitz enjoys her uncompromising skills and extensive knowledge in medicine.

The combination of medical specialization and professional training in aesthetics makes Dr. Lokitz an expert who is recommended for aesthetic treatments: 

Today, many aesthetic therapists in the country have not undergone adequate training, which unfortunately harms their patients and may leave them with more harm than positive results.

At EL MEDICAL AESTHETICS we focus not only on the final results but also on the patients' experience and their physical health.

Thanks to this, all the patients in the clinic enjoy particularly effective aesthetic treatments that combine advanced equipment, quality, and safe materials, and Dr. Lokitz's uncompromising professionalism.

As time goes on, our skin "ages" and shows signs of age, such as a decrease in skin volume, a decrease in hyaluronic acid, a decrease in fat, and other symptoms. 

In the past, invasive surgeries were the most effective way to treat the signs of age, but today the situation is different. 

Thanks to the advanced methods in the field of aesthetics based on research, the examination of the human body, and the development of devices for rejuvenating the skin, it is possible to enjoy a renewal of the appearance of the face without the need for invasive, dangerous and unnecessary procedures.

Dr. Lokitz specializes in providing advanced and wonderful treatments that make time go back, and give the skin the elasticity and vitality it has lost over the years. 

To rejuvenate their skin in a way that suits them best, Dr. Lokitz discusses the changes with her patients and even asking to see pictures from their youth, to get familiar with their facial structure, and to know how to make their skin look younger in the most suitable way. 

Dr. Lokitz is emphasizing natural beauty and rejuvenating the face without making the patients look like someone else.

The amazing results speak for themselves, and thanks to the uncompromising standards in the clinic, all patients receive treatments with the best devices and materials in the aesthetics market, including calcium-based fillers (Dysport, Radias), and viscous materials that provide flexibility (Restlin, Stylase, Jobiderm).

One of many satisfied patients is Hagit Heiman, 36, from Petah Tikva, who came to the clinic to restore vitality to her face.

 Hagit complained that her face looked tired, the volume on her lips went down, and her cheeks and eyelids began to sag. 

Through customization of treatments, Dr. Lokitz returned the youth to Hagit's face while maintaining her facial features and contours. 

The treatments included injections of Radias which encouraged collagen production and made Hagit's face voluminous and without signs of aging and fatigue.

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