The best treatments in the field of aesthetics

The field of Aesthetics medicine has advanced in an unprecedented way in the last two decades thanks to research and developments in medical procedures that have made it possible to shape the face and body from the inside out.

In our clinic, all patients receive the best treatments in the field of aesthetics procedures and are sure that they will have the best results thanks to the expertise and skilled hands of Dr. Ella Lukitz - an experienced physician with industry experience in the field of aesthetics.

As part of her passion for the field of medicine and the desire to know more aspects of procedures and treatments of the human body, Dr. Lokitz chose to undergo professional training in aesthetic treatments at the renowned "Madison" company. Dr. Lokiitz's specialty in aesthetic medicine kept developing, as she went to many courses and advanced training in the field.

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Effective aesthetic treatments


Quality and safe materials

Facial rejuvenation

At EL MEDICAL AESTHETICS clinic, we focus not only on the results but also on the patients' experience and physical health. Thanks to this, all patients in the clinic enjoy particularly effective aesthetic treatments that combine advanced equipment and high-quality safe materials.

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